Katie Malgee Is Loving Her New Wow

Katie Malgee loving her new WOW

Katie Malgee is loving her new Wow, a Tapner jump saddle. It’s now regularly seen on Enceladus (‘Claude’), an ex-showjumper. In Katie’s capable hands he’s made a fantastic transition to eventing. At Dalkeith this weekend he was 3rd in the Novice, continuing his amazing record of never having had a jumping penalty with BE. This season he has had a top 5 result in all his three runs.

Katie says “We’ve had a fantastic weekend with the horses in Dalkeith, all the horses feel great in their Wow saddles, I especially love my new Tapner xc saddle with H girth modelled by Enceladus“.

But Enceladus (‘Claude’” isn’t the only one loving his new WOW saddle.

Next is Grand Amour A who 6 years old, modelling his Wow dressage. He came 2nd in the BE100 at Dalkeith and is ready to step up to Novice next time out.

Katie and Grand Amour A 2

Thirdly is Dollarney. She was 7th in the OI at Dalkeith in a prep run for Bramham. She’s borrowing Claude’s saddle until her new Tapner xc saddle comes this week. The picture shows Dollarney taking the jump like a pr

o at Burnham.

Katie and Dollarney

The last pic is Katie’s husband, Ciaran Magee on ClassicGingerSurprise doing the BE100 at Dalkeith. He’s only been riding 8 years and his longer flaps help keep him on.

Ciaran Magee on ClassicGingerSurprise

Katie almost comments “Lizzie from Priory Saddles does a great job fitting and checking our Wow collection and we love them.