Jenny Dowsett: I have heard good things about WOW saddles and they do have the WOW factor to look at. Never had a WOW saddle but would love to visit your stand to find out more as soon be looking for a new saddle Win
Zoe Cottam The flexibility/adaptability of the saddle. They are gorgeous looking saddles

Holly Hayes: I love everything about them the way that u can change everything to u and Ur horses needs and that the front half moves with the horses shoulders. ive just not had chance to ride in one yet would be fab to win so I can visit Ur stall and have a chat about them for my youngster

Lisa Dane: My love is two fold. The wonderful generosity of spirit And phenomenal knowledge David and Maggie shared with us. And our beautiful small panel saddle with human sized seating. With out those two I would still be scratching my head wondering what to do! X
Lottie Armstrong Adaptability. No saddle has so many fitting options. Love my WOW!

Louise Graham: I bought mine after breaking my vertebrae to keep me secure with the knee rolls and comfortable on the seat and air. I still use mine 11 years on. Louise Graham with her WOW Saddle

Jessica SedgwickI love how adjustbale they are and how much happier my horse is wearing his! Jessica Sedgwick with her WOW Saddle

Rachel Weller & Dean Evans: Rupert and I love our wow saddle. With arthritis in both hips and a hole in my spinal cord, the double stirrup bar is great to help put my leg in a comfortable, secure position. And the narrow seat and minimal bulk under my leg also fab Picture
Rachel Weller Dean Evans with her WOW Saddle

Catherine Boyd: Modular system, flexible for seat and panel size. So ideal for hard to fit horses.

Hollie Brown: How easily it can be changed its brilliant for the youngsters

Sue Bob Burns: Gosh, I am a total convert to WOW saddles, I have three. Supremely comfortable for me as a rider and works wonders for my horses, allowing them to build great muscle and strength over their backs and freeing their shoulders. There is nothing to compare.

Joanna Brown: Ive had my wow saddle on 3 very different horses… the latest being my huge Bear 🐻 With very little adjustment or cost, or weeks waiting! Quick headplate change and we are off! I have 2 sets of flaps and can adjust this saddle very easily to suit my needs whether I’m schooling or jumping! It’s perfect and I get in a right old sulk if I have to ride in anything else.

Faye Wienand: The movement in the tree with the shoulders and the fact that there are no points. This has made a huge change in my horses way of going. So pleased I found Wow!

Sophie Bowman: I love how customizable these beautiful saddles are to not only make them completely unique looking a but also to have a completely unique fit especially for you and your horse. I just love them and they are lovely looking as well