Candace Smith And Rodney Enjoy Their WOW!

A Monday Masterpiece doesn’t have to be covered in crystals, it is more important to us that ridden work is comfortable, and enjoyable for horse and rider. So we were delighted to hear from Sue Brown‘s client in South Australia.

Candace Smith says:
After buying my WOW jumping saddle, my horse, Rodney, has just been so much happier. From the very start he wasn’t comfortable in my old saddle – he would jack up on landing over fences. His wither was very sensitive, and if anyone or anything touched it, he would react dramatically. We went though several expensive saddle fittings, but with no improvement we tried a WOW jumping saddle. Since then, Rodney has improved tremendously. He now jumps much more cleanly and keeps the same rhythm over jumps – his confidence has improved and he never hesitates. Even his flat work is much better. Instead of being a giraffe, he is longer, lower, more rhythmic, and his trot has gone from short, fast and pony-like, to a bigger, longer, extended stride length. He has had a noticeable improvement in muscle, and in attitude. I am so pleased with how the WOW saddle has helped my horse enjoy jumping as much as I do!!
Candace Smith

And yet another example of where our unique H-girth is a vital part of ensuring the saddle sits correctly and the horse is comfortable. See for more details.

Candace and Rodney enjoy their WOW 2 Candace and Rodney enjoy their WOW