Debbie Dressage Coach Enjoying Her WOW Saddle

A big thank you to Debbie Dixon, a long-term Wow saddles fan, for sending us a pic of her completely stunning warmblood palomino, Summer Solstice (and a great name!). Debbie says:
“Summer Solstice is now rsing 5, and has had a Wow ever since he was first backed. He accepted the saddle straight away. As his back has developed Julia McLean of WOW Saddles Australia has tweaked the saddle to enable him to continue to grow and develop over the back and shoulders.
“I just love how comfortable the saddles are for both horse and rider and how easy fitting and adjusting is. No sending the saddle away to be unstitched and restitched only to find out later it still doesn’t fit properly. I also love all the options available especially the bling!!! I’m a bit of a bling girl!”
Debbie is a dressage coach and competitor. She explains how she became a Wow convert. “I competed to Prix St George with Tierra Desert Sands (the second image), who I sadly lost to colic last year. It was because of him that I got into WOW’s. I was having trouble with lack of expression in his trot and canter. After using the WOW his movement really developed. I also discovered how supportive this saddle was for my riding position with the bigger movement. In my previous saddle I had a lot of trouble sitting the medium and extended trots but the WOW saddle changed all that. Along with the comfort of the saddle it allowed my horse’s back to swing in the bigger movement which made sitting sooo much easier.”
We’re all looking forward to seeing Summer Solstice’ career progress. Pictures always welcome, Debbie!

Debbie Dixon using her WOW saddleDebbie Dixon using her WOW saddle 2