From ‘Rodeo Pony’ to Dressage Diva

Bonnie lesson March 2016Reign medium Jan 2017 won (2)
A year ago, we teamed up with Wow user Bonnie Chivers to support her and her ‘horse of a lifetime’, the recently backed 4yo Diamondgraaf Reign Dance. Juggling the demands of a young family and a young horse, Bonnie and Reign have progressed from some very green moments to winning a Medium class. Last summer, Bonnie told us “Thank God for my amazing WOW saddle as that is all that saved me! I worked through the unscheduled movements, carried on warming up and went in to do my test. She actually performed extremely well for a 4yo, so I was delighted!”
Still only 5, Reign is far more settled. Comparing the images from a year ago at a training session, with the ones we just received of them winning at Medium, it’s clear there’s been a whole lot of (very enjoyable) work going on. We are proud to have been a part of this journey.

Reign saddle close-up