Performance Equine performs!

Sally Talbot-Smith is a very experienced Wow fitter and competes herself when time allows.  She was delighted to see one of the saddles she fits being put to good use at Olympia before Christmas, when she was in the audience to watch Richard Davison on the lovely Bubbles (Bubblingh). She is currently riding two of her own horses. Lexi was purchased two and a half years ago from John Biggs as a fun horse for her husband.

Sally’s husband on Lexi, November 2015
Sally’s husband on Lexi, November 2015

“When WOW freed up her movement  she turned out to be rather too powerful and sharp for my novice husband, bucking him off for fun! I had fallen in love with her by then though so I took her on and wouldn’t part with her for the world now!

Sally on LexiSally on Lexi 2

John helps me brilliantly with her. The muscle she has developed since working in the WOWs is incredible, she’s a totally different shape. Look past her colouring, she’s one of the most talented horses I’ve ever had! I can’t wait to work her up the levels, if her hot brain allows me to!

Sally’s other horse, purchased in June 2017, had been competing up to PSG, but appeared weak for that level of training and had failed the vet. The ex-owner explained that he was finding canter pirouettes very difficult, despite monthly physio treatment on his back. Sally wondered whether saddle fit could be responsible and he certainly showed muscle wastage in the saddle area. He also napped and reared out hacking initially but after a quiet summer, teeth and back done, lots of hacking and of course a WOW and now we have a different horse!

Advanced dressage horse, showing a ‘roofy’ back and limited musculature. June 2017.

“His ability to work over his back and use his back end has changed dramatically and, as such, so has the shape of him – and his attitude! I have tweaked his saddle set up many times as he’s changed and I don’t believe he could look and feel like he does without having had the WOW.

I train with Kate Cowell and John Biggs.

Lessons winter 2017-18 with advanced dressage horse 2 Lessons winter 2017-18 with advanced dressage horse 3 Lessons winter 2017-18 with advanced dressage horse

Kate has asked what we’re feeding him as he has developed so much since she first saw him in August. I told her about his very healthy, natural diet but pointed out how the Wow helps him too! Hopefully in the new year we’ll get out to do an Advanced Medium, exciting!

Advanced dressage horse eating
And here he is,  stuffing his face the other evening just so you can see his lovely back now!”