Reign’s first Championships

Bonnie Chivers took her young horse Diamondgraaf Reign Dance to the British Riding Clubs’ KBIS Novice Winter Championships.  We asked her how they got on in their first big class together.

“We  went to the KBIS Novice Dressage Championship yesterday. Myself, my husband and Oliver (my baby), along with Reign of course, left home at 5.30am for a 2.5hour journey to compete for the Wokingham and Bearwood Riding Club as an individual.

She started warming up very well, very relaxed – until I asked for canter when she decided to become a rodeo pony… Thank God for my amazing WOW saddle as that is all that saved me! I worked through the unscheduled movements, carried on warming up and went in to do my test. She actually performed extremely well for a 4yo, so I was delighted!

apr-11-reign-novice-winters-2016We had two other arenas running next to ours with horses coming and going but she just knuckled down and did as I asked. She scored 7’s and 8’s but I made a few little errors which the judge really penalised us for (fair enough). I was over the moon that she scored the highest collective marks for the class, it just underlines the potential I know she has. And if I had  got it right she would have finished around 2nd place in her first Championships. And to cap it all, when I got my sheet, the judge commented that she is “oozing potential”.

I’ve so much to look forward to”.