Sponsor Of The Conference For The Saddle Research Trust

The Saddle Research Trust (SRT) is the foremost body promoting academically valid research into the science of saddles; the influence of saddles on the performance of horses and riders.
Every few years, they organise a conference with world-class speakers. The last one was 2014; there next (their third) is December this year. There is one day open to all, with presenters including Prof. Hilary Clayton, Dr. Sue Dyson, and Dr. David Marlin. The special guests will be Lucinda Green and our own long-time Ambassador, Richard Davison. On the other two days, there will be discussion groups with invited participants on a wide variety of topics, led by a specialist in the field.
We are the leading commercial sponsor of the conference (alongside World Horse Welfare), and will be taking every opportunity over the next 10 months to use our involvement to ensure all of our ideas resonate throughout the industry.

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