Wow Saddle Enables Mare To Work Comfortably And Freely

A short video of Alana Sparrow riding Isabel Page’s horse Buffy

Video found here

Isabel Page tells us:
I’m so grateful to David Kempsell for the time and expertise he gave to ensure that Buffy now has the best possible fit for her beautiful saddle. In this video, she is ridden by up-and-coming young event rider, Alana Sparrow.
I have ridden her three times now and I am truly thrilled with the way she is now moving. She is up and lighter in front, more balanced on the left rein and has freer movement throughout her paces. Buffy seems calm and comfortable within herself when she’s ridden and much more responsive to the rider’s aids.
I suspect for much of her life, her saddle moved around on her back, followed by a rider trying to keep their own balance. For both my daughter and I, our leg position is now much more stable and we feel more secure in the saddle. To quote my daughter, ” Wow, I don’t wobble!”
We are very happy with the saddle and are so looking forward to training and having fun with our little mare, knowing that she is comfortable under her saddle.