Wow Saddle Makes A Wow Of A Difference

Another combination find a Wow Saddle makes a Wow of a difference. Thank you to Ann Dugdale for sending us this.

A few months down the line I thought I’d just let you know how things are going with Daisy in my “refurbished” saddle, as she is now back in full work and competed at the Addington regionals in late February.

I can’t tell you what a difference the new seat has made. It is enabling me to sit so much stiller and maintain my position better. And Daisy is going really well, much softer over the back, much more forward off the leg, and giving me some real engagement, where I would have to say before she was rather holding herself under the saddle area and not connecting back to front. I have also moved her up from a 3UU to a 4 headplate. We were 9th in the Elementary Gold Music regional (I think we were the only true amateurs in the class, which was won by Craig Millard!) and 8th in the Medium Silver Music regional, despite Daisy being naughty in both classes and throwing marks away. The judge at C in the elementary had us on 69.5%. Not bad for a 14.2 Welsh cob! I’ve attached some pictures for you, I think you can see how well she is going

So I really have to thank you for helping us with the saddle, I’m convinced it’s contributed hugely to how well she is going at the moment.

Well done Ann, we are so pleased to be a part of your progress with Daisy!

Addington winter regionals 2018 (2) Addington winter regionals 2018 (3) Addington winter regionals 2018 (1)