Alison Woulds – WOWed Twice!

Alison Woulds, dressage trainer and judge, was already WOWed by her first WOW saddle, fitted 6 weeks ago. She had said: “…he became so fluid, easy and correct. For the first time it truly felt like the handbrake had been let off.
As is usual with a new saddle, WOW retailer Jenny Folman of Jenny Folman Classical Dressage Tuition returned to check the fit. Both she and Alison were delighted that the horse was already demonstrating the benefits with proper muscle development, needing a headplate change (2V to 3V for you WOW devotees) and slight adjustment to the Flair air flocking. But both those changes are so easy to make!

Alison’s husband Steve says “Alison’s smile just gets bigger and Jenny was excellent – think they make a very good team!!

Alison woulds 2