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Dressage is all about a harmonious union of horse and rider. The rider must be balanced and still to not disrupt the horse’s balance. WOW offers the numerous options of support and contact to suit all the different rider shapes. This support will need to be different even when the same rider rides a different horse as the barrel of the rib cage has a massive effect on leg hang and position.

WOW Offers different block options from exposed blocks to concealed Velcro moveable blocks. Three Different stirrup bar positions give the rider the optimum leg hang position.

All flaps are offered in minus 2 inch, minus 1 inch, standard, plus 1 inch and plus 2 inch of length. Every flap is offered in 4 angles to suit the angle of the rider’s thigh. In this way we can guarantee that there is a flap design of every shape and size of rider.

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