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The DMK show jumping saddle has a traditional appearance having a dual flap with long or short girth billets, a stirrup keeper for standard jumping stirrup leathers and a stirrup leather stabiliser keeping the riders lower leg very still.

The seat has a narrow non cut back head in front of the twist to allow the rider to be positioned more forward in the saddle as preferred by many show jumpers. The stylish skirt adds a fashion statement as well proving thigh support and enabling the use of traditional stirrup leathers. The seat is foamed to give a slim but deep close contact feel.

A choice of under flap moveable blocks is available to provide knee and thigh support.

The flaps are available in forward cut or straight cut depending on the rider’s length of thigh.

Available in a selection of traditional butt (solid) leathers to give a distinct appearance and having a matching skirt. The seats are incredibly comfortable and position the rider forward in the correct balance.

The DMK has ALL of the characteristics and benefits of the WOW Competitor range, without the interchangeability of the flap. Headplates and panels are still fully interchangeable. The seat can be built on a curved, semi-curved or flat tree, in any of our four sizes: 16”, 17”, 18” & 19.

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