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This breastplate is designed primarily for horses with a herring gut, that tend to slide the girth backwards and therefore the saddle follows. By making the main part of the breastplate out of rope the breastplate can be fitted snug to the horses chest without fear of rubbing as the girth rolls and moves with the pectoral muscles. It does not restrict unlike other breastplates. By keeping the girth in place, the saddle stays still. Tends to work best on these type of horses with Military Girthing.

It must be fitted properly so we require two measurements, one from the front of the girth to the base of the wind pipe, two from the base of the wind pipe to the top of the wither 6 8 inches 150 200mm in front of the saddle. the straps give ample adjustment for deviation.

Black or Brown butt top leather with a choice of panel leather colours to match your saddle.

Herring Gutted Breastplate