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Flair is Air Flocking
Yes, the panels in your saddle are filled with air!




Flair is Air Flocking. Yes, the panels in your saddle are filled with air!


There is no need for any other flocking materials, as our pressure testing has proven it to be the best way to achieve the highest level of comfort for your horse when riding. 



Flair is a system of airbags specifically designed to replace the flocking in saddles.


Whether a saddle is new or second-hand, WOW, or other, Flair will provide the same soft, flexible, and even baring surface, eliminating any pressure points.



Fitting Flair air bags to a saddle does not change the outward appearance at all, enabling you to keep the look of the saddle you love whilst improving its fit on your horse.


We are able to convert the flocking of any saddle you already own to Flair.


Every single WOW saddle has the option of Flair flocking as standard. We also offer Flair Mark 2, our latest innovation.



Once fitted, Flair doesn’t require any special maintenance, unless your horse changes shape dramatically.


In this case, a simple adjustment by you or your saddler whilst you are mounted on your horse is all that is required.

This system provides your saddle with a constant flexible layer of shock absorbing air. It also aids the horse by removing any saddle discomfort enabling it to focus purely on the rider.

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The biggest difference with Flair Mark II is the addition of more Foam which acts as a shock absorber. It has a Foam panel, that then has a resilient plate on top of it, above which small airbags are placed.


This allows you to ‘jack up’ the front and/or the back of your saddle. The panels are denser and firmer, providing a firmer feeling ride, with the air acting as an adjustment medium.


If you find traditional Flair gives your horse too much scope of movement, Flair Mark II may be the option better suited to you.


  • Remains unbeaten in pressure and gait testing since 1996

  • Gives horses the potential for large scope of movement

  • Can be adjusted whilst rider is mounted

  • WOW's best selling flocking

  • Highest level of comfort for horses when ridden

  • Provides a soft, flexible and even baring surface

  • Continually flexing and moulding to the horse’s shape

  • Can be adjusted to adapt saddle fit and balance as your horse grows and changes shape

  • Eliminates pressure points

  • Does not change the outward appearance of saddles at all

  • Does not require any special maintenance

  • Pump and adjustment accessories are interchangeable between both Flair and Flair Mark II


  • The panels are denser and firmer, providing a firmer feeling ride

  • Can be used with no air in

  • Foam acts as a shock absorber

  • Eliminates pressure points

  • For horses that find the freedom of Flair too liberating, Flair Mark II offers the same benefits but with more control

  • Better saddle stability on horses carrying extra weight

  • Popular with heavier riders

  • Front and back of the saddle can be 'jacked up' independently 

  • Can still be adjusted whilst rider is mounted

  • Simple set-up

  • Gives the freedom of air whilst feeling closer to the feeling of flocking

  • Consistently scores second in pressure and gait testing, only being beaten by our original Flair

  • Pump and adjustment accessories are interchangeable between both Flair and Flair Mark II


Flair® was developed over a 6-year period involving Saddlers, Veterinarians, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Riders. It was initially developed to find a quicker and more precise means of fitting a saddle but in the trials other benefits appeared.

Flair® underwent 4 years of rider trials – In this period it was used by riders in disciplines such as Hunting, 3 Day Eventing, Dressage, Show Jumping, Endurance and general hacking.

Whilst being on rider trial Flair® was tested severely on accelerated test rigs to ensure the durability of the product and computer pressure analysis equipment to refine the design.



The position of the rider is crucial to the horses way of going but the riders position is totally influenced by the balance of the saddle. An unbalanced saddle can make it difficult for the rider to sit correctly.


Common signs of a saddle being unbalanced include: discomfort in the lower back, leaning backwards, legs not touching the horse, legs swinging or sitting hunched.

Using Flair® the saddle can be infinitely adjusted so it can support the rider in the correct position whilst at the same time adapt and mould to the horses shape.