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For our Racing suitable saddles, we have ensured that our WOW principles are included but they have been refined.

Our RaceX saddle have an interchangeable gullet plate (head-plate). If we are to put our name to a saddle then we will not just make what everyone else makes. The reputation of our company and the products we produce rests on how our products perform. 

To this end the overall shape and style is the same but the tree has changed dramatically. We also, have no compromised on weight. We know from testing of saddles prior to making this saddle that half trees are not good for horses, but traditionalists will not accept full tree saddles. We therefore came to a compromise where the tree would be full size but flexible. Tis would do away with the half tree points that ca so easily damage a horse.

The WOW saddle tree encapsulates the interchangeable head-plate so that the surface offered up to the rider and down to the horse is as smooth and large as possible. All known areas of concern, tree points, stirrup bars, and half tree points have been eradicated. The tree should offer the biggest available area of support without restricting the horses shoulder movement. 

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