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Korrector is a revolutionary saddle pad which can be quickly and easily adjusted by any rider to give full control of the fit and balance of their saddle, on one or more horses. Ensuring ultimate comfort and performance.



Korrector is the revolutionary saddle pad which uses air and foam technology, to provide any saddle with the experience of Flair.


This is the perfect saddle fit solution for people who ride multiple different horses, or who’s budget does not stretch to a complete new saddle.


Korrector can be used with saddles that fit or with saddles that don’t, whether that be due to them being too wide or out of balance.

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Korrector can be adjusted by the rider to give full day to day control of the fit of their saddle on one or more horses.


Once adjusted, Korrector does not need to be altered unless the horse changes shape, you wish to use it with another saddle or you wish to use it on a different horse.


Adjustments take a couple of minutes and are done whilst the rider is mounted to ensure optimal fit for both horse and rider.

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Korrector is a system of 4 air bags, which are fitted over a foam insert inside two pockets, one on each side of the spine of a saddlecloth. There are a pair of front bags and a pair of back bags when used together the bags overlap. The foam inserts compress under the movement of the horse’s muscles and absorb the shock of both horse and rider movement.


The air moulds to the horse’s shape, dispersing pressure points. Whilst mounted the rider can use a pump and valves to adjust the bags, and balance the saddle. 



Rider position is crucial to a horse’s way of going, but a rider’s position is totally influenced by saddle balance. An unbalanced saddle may tip the rider forwards or backwards, effecting the rider’s sense of security and the way they ride. Korrector allows riders to adjust saddle balance, not only for the benefit of the horse but to also make them feel more stable, hence allowing them to relax. 

Many riders reach a plateau in their riding, often finding that their horse is more difficult on one rein than the other. Often the cause is rider’s weight being slightly biased to one side. A tiny change in the lateral balance using a Korrector, is often all you need.



One of the most unique and beneficial aspects of a Korrector, is the fact that you can adjust it asymmetrically. This means the amount of air added to each side of the pad does not need to be the same.


It should be noted that a horse that works asymmetrically or carries an asymmetric rider does not build compensatory muscle that will carry the load more evenly or equally over time. However with a Korrector, you can use the air to compensate any differences.



Compensating for asymmetry gives the rider:

  • A stable position

  • A stable position allows the rider to relax.

  • If the rider is more relaxed the horse is more relaxed in it’s responses

This gives the horse:

  • The ability to be less hampered by an unstable load

  • The ability to relax in work without using muscles to compensate for balance.

  • Use it’s musculature more evenly and hence develop symmetry.


The English Korrector is suitable for all English Saddles, they are not required to be a WOW saddle. They are available in either Black or Brown leather or synthetic leather, and come in 2 sizes.

A medium size Korrector is suitable for saddles between 16.5" and 17.5".

A large Korrector is suitable for saddles greater than 17.5".

Black Synthetic Leather Korrector (9)_ed


The Western Korrector has been designed specifically to fit Western Saddles.

We offer 2 different shapes: rounded or square. 

They come in two lengths Medium (28 inches) or Large (31 inches).

Western Korrector Curved_edited.png
Western Korrector Square_edited.png


Korrector™ has been developed using state of the art computerized pressure testing equipment on live horses. Using this technology has meant that we can scientifically prove that Korrector™ really does do what we claim.

Korrector™ a follow on from its predecessor , Flair “Air Flocking for Saddles". It has been tested by Llywnon Saddlery, an independent test house, using the most up to date computerized pressure testing equipment available – the Novel Pliance System which has 256 sensors that are each scanned 40 times a second.

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Attach the saddlecloth to the saddle by pushing the gullet locking plate up into the saddle’s gullet and rotating it 90 degrees, so the plate lies between the top of the saddle’s panels and the tree/seat.

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