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Wow has a plethora of seat styles and comfort options to suit different riders and disciplines. Our innovative designs enable the seat and flaps to be specific to the needs and comfort of the rider, whilst the tree and panels are solely for the comfort and specificities of the horse. With 11 styles of seat to choose from, we believe it is possible for every rider to find the perfect seat for them. Every single seat can be customised both for comfort and appearance.


WOW Saddles differ from other brands in that the seats and panels are anatomically designed to put the rider lower and closer to the horse so enabling the rider's leg to wrap around the horse giving excellent thigh contact.


The normal bulk found under the rider's thigh is removed, this allows the riders pelvis to drop lower into the seat. This can sometimes lead to a rider feeling rubbed if they use their dressage saddle to hack in as the horse's walk normally requires the rider to swing through their hips. It does not usually occur in jumping saddles as the rider has a more bent leg, which in turn pushes them away from the front of the saddle.


Men and women generally sit slightly differently on a saddle. A saddle seat is triangular so the narrowest point is at the twist and it gets wider as you move towards the cantle. Most women sit on their seat bones and use their pubic bone as a balance reference point, whilst male riders use their coccyx as the balance reference point. It is important to take this into account when picking your seat.


We offer a number of "comfort options" to counter the worry of rub and also change the feel of the seat.



CCS refers to “crutch comfort” which is when we adjust the foam underneath the riders pubic bone. If you need more comfort in the front of the saddle then we can provide this feature to ensure your saddle is perfect for you.



This is the ultimate for lady’s who suffer from saddle rub! We can create a channel from front to the centre of the seat so that there is no possible way of the seat applying pressure where it is not wanted.



We adjust the foam at the back of the seat to reduce the pressures on the coccyx bone. Many riders suffer fractures and bruising in the coccyx as a result of falls, but whether a rider has had a fall or not a coccyx relief is able to help the comfort of both men and women.


On the PROFI seat, the deepest part of the saddle continues forward and then rises steeply in front of the rider. It is more supportive, and the vertical shape gives more space and a more defined support in front of the pubis.


This where we adjust the foam in the seat area dropping the rider even closer to the horse whilst making the saddle seat area slimmer but harder. An ULTRA Seat will always have a PROFI style front to the shape of the pommel area.


Many smaller people and show jumpers like this, as it allows them to sit more forward reducing the rider's weight over the lumbar end of the back and hind legs, as a result the horse can propel itself over the jump better.



The butt padded skirt widens the front of the saddle under the rider's thigh in a lower position than the simple padded wings referred to above. They support the rider and widen the twist.


Butt Padded skirt cost more and cannot be added retrospectively. Butt padded Skirts are often supplied with a PROFI seat and with the soft fixed block flap option.

ACAD - DREQU - BBS Short - Half Skirt in Black Haircell - Style 106 - (6).jpg
Butt Skirt Padded Wings (new)_edited.jpg


Front D rings are standard. Double D rings can be specified on the front. Two D Rings on right and/or left or 6 all round back. Also you can have a D ring for an air jacket fitted in the centre of the cut back head.

Black - Style 400 - Carbon Effect Cantle - (7).jpg


The skirts over the stirrup bars can be padded providing more support in front of the thigh lifting the riders fork off the front of the saddle. Used in conjunction with a “CC” seat greater comfort for ladies who suffer discomfort in this area.

Original skirt padded wings (old)_edited.jpg


The silver plate on the back of the cantle can be covered in leather of your choice whether you’d prefer a simple matching colour to your saddle, or an eye catching bright coloured or patent leather.

ACAD - DRF Soft - Havane - Dark Brown - Style 102 - Natural Stitch - (6).jpg



XDEEP - DRF SOFT - DWG SHORT - Black - Double Quilt - Clear crystals - 4_edited.jpg

Add Some Bling

Never let anyone dull your sparkle!
We offer a wide range of stunning Swarovski crystals, in varying sizes, with over 18 colours to choose from! We have multiple different designs to pick from which can be added on to the back of your seat.

DMK - ACAD -  Royal Blue Stitch - Black Nubuck -  Double Quilt - DMK Pinnacle Flaps - (3).


You can add embroidery in a stitch colour of your choice on to the back of our seats.


We have many designs to choose from including Celtic knots, cross hatch, quilt, double quilt…

Flat (Jump) - JF + CB - Black - Patent Magenta - Pink Stitch - (2).jpg

Name Engraving

You can have your own text engraved onto one of our Perspex cantle plates. Perfect for adding yours or your horse’s name! You can pick your font and Perspex colour, including the option of mirrored!