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Livia Glasier

Livia Glaser

0043 664 160 3126


Julia McLean

Kiah Equine

Julia has been a WOW Saddle owner, rider, fitter, retailer, importer, supplier and trainer of WOW fitters since 2007. She and her husband own Event Horses, the most notable being Algebra who competed 5* internationally. She is a national level Show Horse Judge serving on several society’s judging panels and regularly volunteers at Pony Clubs and Agricultural and Royal Shows. Julia plans to return to competitive Dressage and Showing with her homebred Anglo when the WOW business let’s her. She has been leading the Australian arm of the WOW Saddles business for almost two decades providing support and solutions to clients and agents. “I am gratified by the large number of clients I have retained since 2008” she says “and by the number of new customers they in turn bring into the WOW fold such is their faith in the service and product.” Julia takes great delight in seeing WOW Saddles Australia clients from at least 6 states performing across multiples of disciplines including Dressage, Showing, Eventing, Show Jumping, Pony Club, Endurance, Horse Ball and Campdrafting while achieving successes with Championships at Regional, State and National Levels.

0061 26227 6519


Eva Ishida

Liniac Saddlery

I was introduced to the WOW saddles while studying saddlery at Capel Manor College in London. As soon as I realized the incredible advantages and adjustability of these saddles, I was determined to become a fitter. I have now been a WOW fitter since 2012, and am still so impressed with these saddles. Their design, modularity and level of comfort for both horse and rider are second to none. It makes me happy to be able to help so many riders and their horses.

0032 473 135411


Anita Voskamp

Osteopatie Fur Pferde, Voskamp

WOW Saddlefitter, Equine Osteopath and Human Sportphysical Therapist. Born in the Netherlands living in Switzerland close to the border with Liechtenstein and Austria. Working in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria and Slovenia. Love working with horses, enjoying riding my horse and most of all enjoying life like somebody left the gate open.

0041 797 311 273


Jonathan Marquardt

Wehner Reitsport

Master in professional riding dressage, jumping & eventing Horse Body forming Instructor and trainer Bewegungstrainer nach Eckart Meyners All our horses from stud and the horses from the customers love wow saddles. “If you've ever ridden a wow saddle, neither you nor your horse wants another.”

0049 6655 7 4634


Cathrin Bak


From passion to profession! I have been an enthusiastic WOW saddle fitter since 2016 and love my work. As a horse trainer for the FN, I wanted to support horse-rider couples more intensively with a saddle that always fits optimally - and so far with great success. I look after customers in eastern Germany. I specialize in dressage, show jumping and leisure horses. Rehabilitation horses also benefit from my work with the WOW's. At home in Berlin, my mare “Crone” and my dog “Stitch” accompany me in my life.

0049 163 6306932


Claus Linde und Elke Westerkamp Linde


0049 171 7744004


Anna Lehtio-Pulkkinen

EASEL Training Oy

Hi! I have been riding for as long as I can remember. At the moment we have 9 horses of our own at our yard. I coach and train horses and riders. I have been saddle fitting for over 10 years now. As well as being a licenced riding instructor I’m also an EMT and Nurse.

00358 40 5525441


Eugénie Carpentier

Eugenie Richoux-Carpentier

I am a distributor for Wow Saddles France! Fitter for 7 years in Normandy (department 76 - North 27) and North Paris Region (95 -.North 78). I am passionate about research and developments around horses. I feel lucky to work every day with WOW Saddles to provide comfort for the horse and rider, technicality and precision in fitting.

0033 663 767 780


Géraldine Tunier

Géraldine Tunier

0033 677 078 391


Melanie Wrynn

Ardeo Sports Horses

0035 389 448 4883


Isabelle Barnhoorn

Leeratelier IZA�

When I, as a rider, could not find a saddle fitter who not only had an eye for the saddle but also for the rider and the horse's movements, I started training to become a saddle fitter myself. I had heard of WoW, but now that I started looking into it I became really excited. so many possibilities and opportunities for rider and horse!

0031 639 602 862


Marinka de Haan

Horse Focus

WOW saddle fitter and all-round instructor specialising in riders correct and efficient seat; moving with the horse, and giving aids in the most efficient way (using Jokers, or simulators). I am also a craniosacral therapist and a dedicated groom for my friends

0031 646 323 088


Mechteld Jonker

Horsescan C.V.

0031 6 534 07792


Silje Sverkholt


Saddler and saddelfitter. Work with all kinds of English saddles. Has worked independently with saddels since 2012. Centered Riding Level 1 instructor, and working on my "Rider In Balance -trainer" certification.

0047 90245830


Janine Burns

A Little Bit Unique

0064 33521535


Gemma Sigglekow

Epona Downs Equestrian Ltd

Gemma Sigglekow, Epona Downs Equestrian Ltd Saddlefitter, horse trainer and rider coach Wow saddles complement the method of training and coaching I have developed over the last 25 years of working in industry. The are such a fantastic product.

0064 3312 8393


Madelene Fredriksson

Sadelmakeri Laderlappen

I have 3 horses on my own and a small saddlery.

0046 7304 14102


Laura Dempsey

Laura Dempsey

I'm a Master Saddler and SMS Qualified Saddle Fitter who is independent and capable of fitting and adjusting most brands. I've been working with FTE for over twenty years. Based near the towns of Warwick, Stratford-Upon-Avon and Leamington Spa in Warwickshire, I'll travel 30 - 40 miles

01926 640869


Nickie Maddaford

Nickie Maddaford Equestrian

As a WOW saddle fitter, a Personal Trainer specialising in horse riding of all levels/disciplines, an Advanced Dressage rider or as a coach, I thrive on looking at the entire picture with different eyes. It is amazing to be able to bring all the elements together to make a difference and enable you to achieve your optimum performance. I have a great sense of humour and love training my own dressage horses, walking my dogs, reading, running, cycling and all things core strength.

07971 227 817


Nancy Walker

The Northern Saddle Company

07739 091 912


Melanie Haire

Mel Haire-Saddle Fitter

I’m Mel Haire, I live in Co Armagh Northern Ireland with my horses. I am proud to be an SMS Qualified Saddler & Saddle Fitter, and have been for the last 25years. I love working with Wow Saddles, the quality and adaptability are second to none and above all the horses love them!

07818 206 728


Jan Holmes

Holmework Limited

Based in Barmouth, North Wales. Specialise in Cobs and hard to fit horses. New and second hand parts available.

01341 280738


Melanie Lewis

The Horse Shop

Mel Lewis is a Society of Master Saddlers Master Saddle Fitter, trading for over 35 years, covering many counties including Shropshire, Wales, Staffordshire, Worcestershire, West Midlands, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Flintshire, and many more. Dealing with Flair, and Wow saddles since its conception.

07966 432353


Helen Leedham

Helen Leedham Master Saddler

I am an SMS qualified Master Saddler and Saddle Fitter. I started my journey into saddlery in 2003 at Walsall College, having just completed a degree in Fine Art in Bristol, it was a cross between my two favourite things, horses and sculpture, with a good dose of science applied! After training in saddle, bridle and harness making, I naturally moved into fitting as my career evolved. I enjoy working my two horses, who keep me tuned in to the perspective of the rider, as well as helping me to switch off occasionally!

07779 244194


Freda McBain

Freda McBain

"I love the biomechanics of fitting tack - every one (human and equine) is so different and I really enjoy the challenge of looking at the whole picture - saddle, bit and bridle - and finding that combination that helps the horse and rider work in balance together, improving connection and movement. When I'm not out fitting tack I'm usually either out hacking round the sandy tracks of Thursley with my horse Larry, or playing games with my new youngster, Teddy."

07958 723360


Ruth Clark

Ruth Clark Equestrian

07771 704228


Melanie Byrne

Flying Changes Equine Ltd

07598 127 992


Tara Jamieson

Quality Saddles

07989 435560


Amy Feineman

Amy Feineman

Amy Feineman grew up in an equestrian family in Colorado, USA. She started riding before she could walk, and has tried every discipline anyone ever offered her. This included dressage, jumping, eventing, competitive trail, and gaited horses. At age 17, Amy had a bad fall with her horse while jumping and sustained numerous injuries, requiring her to take a step back from riding. During her recovery period she helped evaluate and restart horses in hand for various rescues. In 2017, Amy began apprenticing with Master Saddle Fitter Beverly Harrison. Amy also studied with Carol Patty of Capstone Saddlery, and completed her first WOW fitting course in 2018. In 2022 Amy passed her Society of Master Saddlers exams to become a Qualified Saddle Fitter. As someone with experience handling physical limitations herself, and rehabilitating horses from myriad injuries, Amy knows first hand the value of a proper saddle fit. She is passionate about helping everyone get the best performance for their situation and budget. Amy has ridden in a WOW since 2016, when it proved the only saddle that relieved her sciatica pain and also fit her difficult to fit horse! Amy and her family moved to Graz in the summer of 2021.

0043 681 207 877 18


Paula Lasersohn

WOW Saddlery

Ive been actively involved with horses for 46 years. I represented Zimbabwe in 1991 and won the Pug Whitehead International Horse Trials for which I was awarded provincial colors. Since then I have competed in dressage, showjumping, eventing, polo-cross, western, horse racing and showing. I won the South African Working Show Horse Championships in 2007 as well as the Compleat Horse Derby and then the South African Show Horse Championships in 2008. I’ve been riding exclusively in WOW saddles since 2000 as they are the best saddles in the world; and went to the UK to complete the Saddle Fitters course in 2017. My family has relocated to Australia and now reside and offer saddle fitting and sales in Canberra.

0061 438 401 772


Natalie James

Natalie James

An owner of WOW Saddles for some 10 years Natalie fully understands the role they played in changing her own riding with improved ability to sit the trot with ease as balanced and supported while acknowledging horse’s comfort, greater mobility and freedom of movement. Natalie is accredited with the Australian Saddle Fitters Association (ASFA) having completed training across numerous saddle brands, working and gaining experience with a major saddlery network thus making her a valuable asset within the WOW Saddles Australia team. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge to the benefit of riders and horses alike.



Kristine Eva Gifford

Happy Back Riding

Eva Gifford- Happy Back Riding. Located in Ontario and Michigan. Horse owner for 49 years, Saddle fitter for 8 years. I use impression pads, animal communication, and the amazing WOW saddle gauge to get a great fit.

001 519 915 9025


Christine Bilger

WOW Saddles Nord

I have been a WOW Saddlefitter since February 2013, fulltime and passionate. Before I took independent measurements of horse-backs with EQUISCAN. I am located nearby Hamburg, but come to... Hannover, Göttingen, Kassel, Braunschweig, Detmold, Rostock, Bremen, all over Schleswig Holstein and Hamburg and more. WOW to me is the most innovative and exciting way of saddle fitting. There are so many options to create a perfect fitting for both, horse and rider, to increase athletic-performance, and health. After all this time I still can't get enough of watching my customer having fun riding with their brand new fit.

0049 177 2578484


Mailie S Johnson

Johnson Leather and Art

My name is Mailie Johnson, and I have carried the title of Master Saddler since the year 2000. My expertise in English saddles comes from my extensive studies in Germany. During my journeyman years I dove into the world of Western Saddles, learning to build them in Northern California. In 2007, I started my own saddlery business and was introduced to WOW Saddles in 2010. At the beginning of 2011, I joined WOW Saddles as a certified saddle fitter, and as you can see today, I am still here. Why? Because WOW is the system I had always hoped for. It fits like a glove for the horse and rider. The WOW Saddle allows me to help both live happier and healthier lives.

0049 6220 915820


Tanja Munch

Tanja M�nch

0049 176 31355620


Anne-Kathrine Tang Nielsen

Lauenborg Rideudstyr.

Physio selling WOW saddles in Denmark. Being a Physiotherapist, I enjoy combining my skills and my passion for horses. I help the Danish riders, not only with buying and fitting a WOW saddle, but also getting a better understanding of their saddle. Making them aware and encouraging them to take an active part of the saddle fitting. I am an activ