Kyrby in her championship

Kyrby’s Championship Test

This is such an amazing test, totally deserves the title she did win. What it here! A huge shout out for Kyrby Brown Para Dressage and all our other para riders who made it to this elite level: Jane Lishman, Julia Horton …

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Anna show jumping

Anna Power – Show Jumping In The Sun

Watching SJ in the sun – even on video – makes us feel warmer. Lovely to see your Wow saddles in serious action, Anna Power!  Video Here 

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Tjaarda and Petra feature image

Tjaarda The Perfect Poster Horse In His Wow

…and here is Tjaarda, featured in the previous post, being t for a lecture demo by Petra Zeelen on the importance of a well-fitting saddle. Video here

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Wow stand at HISO feature image

Horses Inside Out 2018

As good as ever at Horses Inside Out! We’re already looking forward to the 2019 conference – and seeing more of Gillina and her horses in their Wow saddles before then. Video can be found here  

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Tjaarda the Friesian feature image

Wow Saddles – Perfect For Friesians

Wow saddles are the perfect choice for many Friesians, the modular concept allowing a perfect fit to be achieved for the Friesians’ unique conformation and movement. Now a double Elite graded Friesian stallion, Tjaarda 483 Sport was exported from Wow Nederland to …

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Candace and Rodney enjoy their WOW 2 feature image

Candace Smith And Rodney Enjoy Their WOW!

A Monday Masterpiece doesn’t have to be covered in crystals, it is more important to us that ridden work is comfortable, and enjoyable for horse and rider. So we were delighted to hear from Sue Brown‘s client in South …

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WOW numberplate feature image

WOW Coats And Car Registration Plates!

Lea Ann Rogers is a most experienced saddle fitter, now based in Florida but supporting clients in many parts of the USA. She’s looking especially smart in her new branded gilet. And she so kindly sent a matching …

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WOW Staff Photo 2018 featured image

Wow’s Who’s Who! – Sausage The WOW Dog!

And finally in the pantheon of Wow’s Who’s Who: Sausage!!!!!!!!!! He has a vital role in both crowd and quality control. Every saddle we send out worldwide will have been carefully packed with Sausage’s help to ensure it …

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WOW Staff Photo 2018 featured image

Wow’s Who’s Who! – Kevin And Mark

Wow’s Who’s Who: more often found outside are Kevin and Mark. Kevin is in charge of maintenance – not just the offices, workshop and factory building, plus annexe with its training room and accommodation, but also the stables, …

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First show of the season 2018 feature image

Sam In First Show Of The Season!

Sam Prior works at Wow, both in the workshop with Rosie, converting non-Wow saddles to Flair air flocking (yes, we can do that on most makes, whether new or ‘pre-loved’), and out and about fitting. In her spare time, …

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