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Seat Size: 18 Inch
Tree Curvature: Curved
Seat Style: Flat
Comfort Options: -
Dee Rings: Front Singles
Comes with your choice of head plate. (No extra charge)


Flap Style: DMK SJ -2 Inch, Straight Cut
Flap Angle: Normal

Panel Size and Style: 2 DXWG
Panel Front Gusset: D
Panel Rear Gusset: 2 Inch Standard
Panel Stitch Line: No
Panel Filling: Flair 

Saddle Main Colour: Nutmeg
Saddle Second Colour: Nutmeg
Flap Colour: Dark Brown + Nutmeg
Panel Colour: Nutmeg
Decorative Details on Cantle: -Carbon Fibre
Decorative Details on Flap: DMK 


Condition: Poor


Ref: Saddle 12560


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Saddle 12560 - 18 Inch - DMK SJ - Nutmeg - Dark Brown

SKU: 500. SADDLE 12560