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With very thin but broad straps the WOW H Girth is designed for horses with a very forward girth groove where the girth creeps into the elbow.  The soft straps act like a second skin rolling with the skin rather than acting against it.


Soft H Girth in lengths of 22", 24, 26, 28, 30, 32 & 34". You can also order this girth option with different length back straps. Just select same if both straps are to be the same lengths, or choose a different length for the back strap from the drop down list.

Please note that whilst girth lengths are stated in inches, girths are actually metric. Which means that a 32 girth is 32 x 25mm = 800mm and this will measure 31.5.

Sternum plates available in two sizes; medium (10") and large (12").


Black or Brown butt top leather with a choice of panel leather colours to match your saddle.


Note: Please allow 10 14 days for delivery as this item is made to order.

Soft H Girth 36" & Above