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It has a lot of new features being made on the 2023 tree with Seat Bone Paddle facility and exposed Carbon Fibre Y Bar.

The flaps are based on the Equitana design and come with or without Wear Strip.

There is a new triangular velcro “Knee Support Pad” to optimise leg contact on different rib cage shapes.

The Blocks are again like the Equitana but much higher, bridging the tree and flap. They are adjustable via a hole in the rear of the flap to a bolt and washer fitting.

The top of the block bolts into the tree under the skirt of the seat. The Skirt is made from panel leather to ensure that it conforms to the block no matter where it is positioned on the flap for the rider’s leg.

Any Seat Style can be chosen to go with the this flaps design.

The saddle can take all the designs of panel old and new.

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